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Do I need an eye test?

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Apr 10, 2019BY ASELA
Eye Care
Do I need an eye test?
Do I need an eye test?

Eye tests are very important in making sure you eye are healthy. They not only determine whether you need vision correction but also help diagnose some medical conditions.

We recommend you book an eye test with your optometrist atleast once every two eyes. The cost of your eye test is even covered by medicare for eligible card holders. If you notice any difference in your vision, experience unusual symptoms, fall into high risk age groups or recently diagnosed with certain medical conditions then you should book an eye test at your earliest convenience.


It is important to realise anyone can have a problem with their sight but some groups are identified as at higher risk. This includes before your child attend school at age of 5 or earlier, 40 or over with family history of eye conditions and 60 or over. It is worth while talking to your optometrist if you fall in these age groups.


These are bright ring like circles that usually appear around light sources. They can be quite debilitating to some who experiences them. They can be caused by conditions such as uncorrected refractive error, cataracts and corneal distortion among other conditions. It is very important you discuss halos with your optometrist.

Poor reading focus

You will experience this as poor near vision or pushing things away to get a better focus. It can also accompany eye strain and headaches at some instances. Your optometrist will be able to assess your eyes and a wide variety of optical solutions are available to rectify this issue.

Digital eye strain

Prolonged use visual display units such as smart phones, tablets and computers put high demand on your eyes. This can be associated with eye aches, headaches and sometimes poor vision. Talk to your optometrist about resolving this with a pair of glasses especially designed to elevate this symptom. 9 out of 10 patients find vast improvement of eyes performance with these lenses and they have even known to improve sleep patterns in some.

Blur vision

This simply is seeing the world around you not so clear. It can be due to uncorrected refractive error like short sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism which would be very easily corrected with a pair of glasses or contact lenses. But sometimes it could be due to eye conditions like glaucoma or medical conditions like diabetes. Your optometrist has proper tools and the expertise to diagnose you and find a solution.


This symptom can come about spontaneously or due to natural deterioration of your eyes. If you experience flashing lights or floating objects in your vision then you need to see your optometrist as soon as possible to assess you.

Dry/irritated eyes

You can experience this symptom as foreign body sensation in yours eyes, red eyes, blur, watery eyes and sometime blur. Although eye drops can give you immediate comfort of elevating your symptoms your optometrist has the proper tools and expertise to come to a long-term management plan for you that would be much more successful than just adding drops. So don’t put up with dry eye and talk to your optometrist about it today.

Medical condition

Systemic medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension among other conditions can have harmful side effects in your eyes. Optometrists will work with your family doctors or other specialist doctors to manage your medical condition to give you best long term visual outcomes. You will sometimes be advised by your optometrist to have eye test sooner than usual.


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