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Shop 15 Diamond Creek Plaza,
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Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a small, thin, curved material, shaped like a lens, which covers the surface of your eye. The lens itself can be clear, though it is usually given a slight tint, to provide visibility so that it can be handled. Although you may think contact lenses are a recent invention, the theory of contact lenses was first put forward by Leonardo Da Vinci. It has evolved since then to produce the modern contact lens.

Contact lenses are mainly of two main types, hard and soft lenses. Hard lenses are quite small and more glass-like, while soft lenses are relatively large in size, but more gel like. Contact lenses are a convenient, comfortable alternative to glasses and laser corrective eye surgery. The best contact lenses only cost a dollar or two a day – less than a cup of coffee for greatly enhanced vision!


Contact lenses are great for active lifestyles, no matter the pursuit you prefer. They can give you freedom from wearing glasses and a second means of eyesight correction. It is also not permanent or invasive as laser-eye correction and only costs fraction of the cost of laser-eye surgery. Modern contact lenses can correct your vision as well as glasses can. Recent advances have made contact lenses more comfortable, more available, more effective and more affordable than ever before. So, forget the age-old myths you may have heard & ask our optometrists if contact lenses are right for you. It will change your life.

Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as a contact lens that fit every eye because every eye is unique. That’s why our optometrists will talk to you about your needs and requirements and prescribe you the contact lens suitable for your eye. To achieve this, we have a comprehensive range of premium contact lenses available to us.

We deal with world-leading companies like Alcon Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson vision care (Acuvue), Bausch & Lomb and Cooper vision.

What happens during a contact lens consult?

After establishing your interest and specific need for contact lenses, our optometrists will conduct a contact-lens exam. An optometrist will measure the dimensions of your eye and assess your eye health, including the ability of your eye to wear contact lenses and remain healthy. A specific contact lens is ordered from our laboratory, produced according to your measurements. Then the optometrist will fit this contact lens in your eye, assessing its fit, comfort and function. We will also teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses safely

Patients take these trial contact lenses home. They can be worn as needed. One of our optometrists will see patients again after a week or so to review the contact lenses. At this visit, we will adjust the contact lenses where necessary, finalizing the fitting process. Usually this process takes 3 or 4 visits, over a period of 2-3 weeks.

Soft contact lenses are more widely used, but in some cases, patients may be suited more for hard lenses. Hard contact lenses, or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, are used to correct vision in eye surface diseases, very high prescriptions and in orthokeratology (dream lenses). Some of these patients cannot comfortably tolerate a pair of glasses which make RGP lenses the only avenue for them to get the best visual outcomes. Our optometrists are specifically trained in this area, to provide the best patient outcomes.

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