Shop 15 Diamond Creek Plaza, 72 Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek, VIC 3089

Shop 15 Diamond Creek Plaza,
72 Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek,
VIC 3089

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Our practice is equipped with all the state of the art technology to ensure we provide the best eyecare possible. Our chief optometrist regularly updates this technology to exceed industry standards. Some of this technology include

  • To examine all external structures of the eye
  • To examine all the internal structures of the eye
  • Optical coherence tomography allows high resolution cross-sectional images of the retina. OCT is similar to an ultra sound except it uses light instead of sound. It allows optometrists to map diseases such as glaucoma progression across time and monitor effectiveness of treatment.
  • This allows practitioners to make a computerised map of your cornea. It useful in monitoring some degenerative corneal diseases like Keratoconus and specialised contact lens fittings
  • Plots a map of the visual field, showing how widely and easily they can see. Visual field testing is used in a wide variety of ocular and systemic conditions including glaucoma and other neurological conditions.
  • This allows us to keep records and monitor external eye conditions.
  • This allows a basic measure of your prescription via a computer.
  • This device allows us to image the back of your eye to better diagnose diseases and monitor them over time
  • This device allows us to treat MGD related dry eye. It shows tremendous success in patients
  • This device allows our optical dispensers to take more precise measures of your eyes when dispensing optical lenses
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