Dream Lenses or Ortho-K Treatment Plan

  1. Initial comprehensive eye exam– This is to check your prescription and assess your eye health and suitability for dream lenses
  2. Ortho-K consultation– during this appointment we’ll measure the shape of your cornea and custom design a dream lens for you
  3. Ortho-K tutorial– once your dream lenses have arrived, we’ll show you exactly how to insert and remove them. We’ll also discuss lens hygiene, best practices and some troubleshooting techniques. We’ll also assess the fit of your dream lenses and check your comfort with them
  4. Overnight review – the morning after, we’ll have you back in the morning to check the effect of the lenses on your cornea. We’ll also assess the health of your eyes.
  5. Seven day follow up – One week after you’ve started wearing your dream lenses, we’ll measure your cornea again and assess outcomes. You will be able to see noticeable improvement of your vision at most circumstances.
  6. One month follow up –We will measure the cornea again. Your vision should be more or less settled at this visit.
  7. Three and six month follow ups – We will be assessing your cornea, eye health and vision during these visits
  8. Six month follow ups – If everything goes to plan we will review your eyes every 6 months to make sure your dream lenses are working at the best for you. 

How much does it cost – The cost of dream lenses can depend on the complication and work that goes into making sure they work. Approximately it can cost anything from $800 and the cost of your lenses.

If you are interested we ask that you make an appointment to see one of our optometrists to see if you are a candidate for dream lenses.

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