Orthokeratology Optometrist

Orthokeratology is special area of optometry where patient will sleep in a reverse geometry hard contact lens. This Ortho K lenses will reshape the cornea overnight so patients don’t need any correction to be worn during the day. There is also evidence that suggests that Ortho K lenses slows progression of short sightedness or myopia in young eyes. Our optometrists will assess patients best suited for this revolutionary treatment. Patients with dream lenses will be reviewed couple of times a year to monitor best treatment plan and outcomes.

Am I suited for Ortho K lenses?

Optometrists can successfully treat short sightedness up to -6.00 myopia and -3.00 astigmatism for best visual outcomes. We will map your cornea carefully with a corneal topographer which will give us very specific details to make you a pair of dream lenses. We will also use the corneal topographer to monitor change on your cornea during the process of treatment.

How does Ortho K lenses work?

Reverse geometry RGP lenses will flatten the cornea on intended areas to temporarily reshape the cornea. This will happen overnight while you wear the lenses, hence dream lenses. So you will only need a good night sleep for them to work. When you wake up in the morning and take your lenses out you will see your day clearly. It is easy and simple as that.

How long does the treatment take?

Most patients will see a difference after the first night of wearing the lenses. You will see and significant difference after the 1st week of wearing the lenses and treatment will really take hold after the 1st month of treatment. Our optometrists will assess your eye at every step to make sure everything is progressing as expected.

How long does Ortho K lenses last?

With appropriate care these lenses can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. It is recommended that you change the lenses as directed by the optometrist to ensure safety and efficiency of the treatment.

Are there side effects of Ortho K lenses?

The potential side effects of dream lenses are no different to traditional contact lens wear. These can include mild irritation and redness. There is also a small risk of infection which usually only arise due to poor hygiene at most cases. Our optometrists are well informed on handing these symptoms if you were to experience them.

What if Ortho K is stopped?

Ortho K is a completely reversible non-invasive procedure to correct the refractive error, hence once the treatment is ceased then refractive error will regress back to what it was originally. So once stopped patients can go back to wearing their glasses or traditional contact lenses for visual correction.