Contact Lenses Prescription

Contact lenses are great for active lifestyles for every walks of life. They can give you freedom from wearing glasses and a second means of eye sight correction. It is also not permanent or invasive as laser eye correction and only costs fraction of the cost of laser eye surgery. Modern contact lenses are able to correct your vision just as good as glasses. Furthermore recent advances have made contact lenses more comfortable, more available, more effective and even more affordable than ever before. So forget the age old myths you may have heard of them & ask our optometrists if contact lenses are right for you. It will sure to change your life.

Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing as a contact lens that fit every eye because every eye is unique. That’s why our optometrists will talk to you in regards to your needs and requirements and prescribe you the best contact lens that is specific to you. To achieve this, we have a comprehensive range of premium contact lenses available to us.

We deal with world leading companies like Alcon Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson vision care (Acuvue), Bausch & Lomb and Cooper vision.

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