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Optometrist Services in Eltham

As reliable local optometrists, Eltham residents can turn to Diamond Valley Optical for all their eye health needs. From contact lenses to eye tests, Eltham locals of all ages can have their needs met at Diamond Valley Optical.

Contact Lenses in Eltham

If you find wearing glasses to be impractical or are wanting to go without glasses for special occasions, speak to Diamond Valley Optical about our contact lenses for Eltham locals!

Eye Test Eltham

Diamond Valley Optical offer eye tests for the whole family, from children’s eye tests for Eltham kids of all ages to glaucoma tests. We also provide diabetes eye tests to Eltham residents concerned about the effect of diabetes on their eye health.

For over 20 years, we’ve been the premier choice for eye tests in Eltham. Our professional, fully-trained staff look forward to helping you and your family with any type of eye test needed.

Dry Eyes Treatment

Need relief from your dry eyes in Eltham? Diamond Valley Optical can assist you with a targeted management plan – just call to enquire further.

Behavioural Optometrist Specialists

Our qualified behavioural optometrists help Eltham residents meet the visual demands of reading, using the computer and writing.

Orthokeratology Eltham

Have you been looking for orthokeratology in Eltham to achieve long-lasting improvement to your child’s vision? Just get in touch with Diamond Valley Optical to see if it could be right for your child.

Contact us today with your questions about orthokeratology. Eltham residents have trusted us to give them sound professional advice for over 20 years. We look forward to helping you and your family with your orthokeratology needs.

Driving License Eye Test

Live in Eltham and need an eye test for your driving license? Contact Diamond Valley Optical to be tested for visual acuity and visual fields.