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Optometrist in Kangaroo Ground

Have you been looking for an experienced and attentive optometrist near Kangaroo Ground to assist you with your eye health concerns? Diamond Valley Optical are the local optometrists of choice, offering eye tests for children and adults alike, as well as orthokeratology, contact lenses and dry eye management.

Eye Tests in Kangaroo Ground

Diamond Valley Optical offer a range of eye tests to Kangaroo Ground customers include eye tests for both adults and children. We offer all the eye tests you need to obtain optical eye health. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, we can offer diabetes-related eye tests, so you can stay ahead of glaucoma. If you’re confused as to the connection between these conditions, contact Diamond Valley Optical. We have 20-years’ experience, so we can help you and your family enjoy optimal eye health.

It’s time to prioritise your eye health – give Diamond Valley Optical to book an appointment with our experienced and passionate team.

Contact Lenses Kangaroo Ground

Have you been looking for contact lenses in Kangaroo Ground to free yourself from the burden of wearing bulky glasses? Diamond Valley Optical assist you with finding the contact lenses that best suit your eyes, allowing you to go about your daily activities in comfort.