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Optometrist in Wattle Glen

As some of the most trusted and well-established optometrists near Wattle Glen, Diamond Valley Optical can be relied upon for a complete suite of optometrist services. This includes comprehensive eye tests, children’s eye exams, dry eye management, glaucoma assessments and orthokeratology, to name just a few of our services.

Eye Tests

Diamond Valley Optical offer a variety of eye tests for Wattle Glen locals. This includes regular eye tests and children’s eye tests all the way to specialised eye tests for detecting glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. With this range of eye tests being available, Wattle Glen residents from all walks of life can maintain their ongoing eye health and seek treatment as required.

Contact Lenses

With contact lenses Wattle Glen customers can live an energetic lifestyle without the bother of glasses stopping them from moving about. Eyesight correcting can be discreet with these contact lenses and the rectifications are not as perpetual as invasive laser-eye surgery. If you’re looking for contact lenses from an optometrist near you, book today.